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Crowdfunding Trends

Stay Ahead of the Crowd

Have you ever invested in a crowdfunded project and then realised the product you are investing in already exists? In most cases there are already multiple products solving the problems that you are asked to invest in via these crowdfunding sites. Remember these sites are there to launch products, not to check if they already exist.

Due to the recent popularity and hugely publicised success of products launched via platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there has been a huge push for crowdfunded marketing projects. In fact, there seems to be a crowdfunding project to solve every problem in the world that exists today and then some!

It seems that in today’s world if you want to launch a new project and don’t have the budget to invest in design, development and marketing, you can reach out via crowd funding and launch your own product. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are launching a new product it can simply be a re-invention of an existing product, or an alternative version of something that already exists.

At Render we have created a range of products, which already provide solutions to the problems you are being asked to invest in via crowd funded sites. The best news is that as these are already established products, quality tends to be better as they are already in production and have passed the testing phase. Most importantly as these products already have demand and a sales channel they tend to be cheaper for the consumer.

Now there is no need to keep your fingers crossed that the project you have invested in reaches their goal, and no need to wait 12 months for it to arrive at your door. Place an order today and our items will be shipped and delivered before their first prototype comes off the line!