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HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Knitted Ski Mask Beanie


HP Lovecraft Inspired Knitted Cthulhu Knitted Beanie Mask

Fall in Lovecraft with the ultimate tribute to our lord and saviour Cthulhu!

Ever feel like your face is lacking something important? Want to stand out from the crowd a bit more? You my friend need tentacles! Be the last to get eaten by showcasing Cthulhu’s glorious, tentacular image using this wonderfully warm knitted beanie mask.

Please the mighty Elder God Cthulhu with flattery by sacrificing your feeble human face to adorn his. Show the world you mean business and buy yourself those few precious seconds before all is consumed.

Who knows? This may even be enough to appease our overlord, thus granting you sanctuary to live by his side in a squidy utopia for the rest of your days. Flattery might just get you everywhere.

Say goodbye to friends and regular human interaction when you take to the streets wearing your uber-cool Cthulhu beanie! Who needs friends and human interaction anyway when you look this good? Become Cthulhu’s number one groupie and mock those too foolish enough to do so when judgment day falls.

Aside from potentially helping to spare your pathetic mortal existence, The Cthulhu Knitted Beanie Mask is perfect for keeping the entire face warm on those cold, miserable days. It’s also brilliant for cosplaying! Render recommends buying a pack of spherical sweets, creating a model universe and then consuming everything that stands before you!

Now let us pray ‘Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn’.

Cthulhu Knitted Beanie Mask Specifications

Warm and comfortable knitted design.

Wholly endorsed by our Lord and saviour Cthulhu.

More tentacles than your puny human mind could ever comprehend.

Looks great with sunglasses!

Perfect for cosplaying and expressing your love for the mighty deity.

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